“Experience unforgettable adventure by diving with North Seymour Scuba Diving. Explore captivating coral reefs and schools of fish. Trust our experienced team for safety and guidance. Start your underwater journey now!”

There are other places to go diving in Galapagos that you can still discover.

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Galapagos Diving

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Definitive diving platform in Galapagos.

"Bartolomé Island diving is an excellent experience with breathtaking scenery."

Dive into Bartolome’s underwater paradise and witness magnificent penguins, stunning rock formations, and daring hammerhead sharks. Let the ocean’s wonders dazzle your senses and create unforgettable memories. Embrace the adventure and take the plunge!


translates to "First immersion

Go Diving in Bartolome Island

Galapagos is a stunning place to explore, where you can see amazing animals such as penguins, white-tipped sharks, and sea turtles. By witnessing their grandeur, we can appreciate the diversity and magnificence of the creatures that coexist on our planet. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve their habitats for future generations so they too can witness the wonder of nature. This experience can inspire us to become advocates for conservation and take action towards creating a better world for all living beings. Galapagos teaches us that every living creature has a significant role in the interconnected ecosystem of our planet. Let us continue to admire its beauty and work tirelessly to safeguard it.

hammerhead shark
"Experience diving with hammers."
hammerhead shark
"Experience diving with hammers."
Galapagos Sharks. ans sea lion
"Endemic species of shark found in the Galapagos Islands."
whale shark
"The species of the largest shark on the planet."
Galapagos Shark
Endemic shark species found in the Galapagos Islands.
dolfin .and sea lion
Many sharks. in Mosquera Island
Turtle islet" in Isabela Island
"The best diving in Galapagos."

translates to "second immersion

"Go diving in Rocas Cosing ."

“Congratulations on embarking on your second rock diving expedition alongside majestic hammerhead sharks! Your adventurous spirit and fearless determination to explore the wonders of the ocean serve as an inspiration to us all. Your passion for nature and willingness to push beyond your comfort zone truly demonstrate the limitless potential of human curiosity and curiosity. Keep shining and may your journey continue to be filled with amazing discoveries and thrilling experiences!”

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USD $ 260

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"Discover diving in Isla bartolome

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Experience the marine life of the Galapagos through our ecological tours with a unique diving platform. Get the best price without intermediaries.

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