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Discovery Diving
Daphne Island

Daphne island Discovery Dive: Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime! As we prepare for your upcoming dive, we will be conducting a team test to ensure your safety and readiness. You will have the opportunity to learn the proper use of equipment, signals, and procedures in a classroom. This is just the beginning of your journey to experience the underwater wonders of Daphne Island.

As you prepare for your first dive, excitement builds at the thought of encountering hammerhead and Galapagos sharks, and giant manta rays. Remember to keep an open mind to the beauty and majesty of the underwater world, and let it inspire and move you. The journey begins with you, are you ready?


Get ready for your first dive.

Daphne Island Discovery Dive

Welcome to the exciting experience of diving for the first time in the beautiful Island of Dapne! As you explore the depths of the ocean, prepare to encounter magnificent creatures such as Galapagos sharks, giant manta rays and playful sea lions. But not only that, we will also have a bird watching tour, where you can observe blue-footed boobies, seagulls and frigates, as Daphne is home to impressive birds. Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder that surrounds you and let this adventure be a source of inspiration for you to explore more of the natural wonders of the world. Believe in the beauty of this world, and surely you will discover incredible things that will make your heart sing!


After diving, we move to the best snorkeling spot.

Go Snorkeling in Seymour Island

Disfruta de la impresionante belleza del Snorkeling en la Isla Seymour con los increíbles tiburones martillo, tiburones de punta blanca, tortugas marinas y lobos marinos. Sumérgete en un mundo de colores mientras nadas junto a una diversa variedad de peces.

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